Friday, September 29, 2017

International Coffee Day 2017

Sunday, October 1 is International Coffee Day
During the past two years we have celebrated the day by showing our appreciation for this amazing drink and its producers by offering a special menu where all income from your coffee drink purchases were donated to International Women's Coffee Alliance.

As this years International Coffee Day falls on a closing day, we will approach it differently. 

We will still make a donation equivalent to one average days worth of coffee drink sale. 
This year we will direct the money to the important work done by World Coffee Research as described in their mission:
Grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.

Naturally, we still want to do something special for you: On Saturday Sept. 30 and Monday Oct. 2 we will serve a super special and exclusive espresso! Needless to say, this is also more expensive bean - but the price will be the same for you :)

The coffee is the same as Dale Harris used when he recently won the UK Barista Championship. 
A delicate natural processed Yellow Pacamara (a huge bean) where only the smallest beans was selected (Check out the story by Steve of Has Bean).

Hope to see you Saturday or Monday.

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