Friday, July 17, 2015

On the shelves

Summer is the time to enjoy the bright and fruity African coffees. 
Right now there are loads of African beans on the shelves: @lacabracoffee's Kenyan Washed SL28 "Kaiguri" (notes of red and black currants) and washed Ethiopian heirloom from the "Konga" wetmill (notes: floral, black tea and lemon). From @hasbean: washed "Kurume" from Gedeb in Ethiopia (notes of apricot and fruit sweetness) and a revisit from Malawi; the Taste of Harvest winner: "Msese" composed of Washed Nykia and Geisha, an amazing and somewhat surprising experience of floral notes and lemony citrus that turns into toffee sweetness with a huge mouthfeel.

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