Thursday, November 27, 2014

How I Like Kiangoi AA at The Moment

This bean is fantastic. You can empathize the acidic rhubarb by under extration and lowering the TDS - or you can achieve an syrupy berry focus by targeting a super high %TDS and extraction % (like I prefer at the moment). You get an amazing mouthfeel and intense aroma this way.
If you move beyond 22% EXT at home, make sure you have a good grinder. There should be no bitterness in this drink.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Coffee & Photo Books: Ed Ruscha - featured photo book; December 2014

Ed Ruscha's is not a photographer per se, thus his photography is very conceptual and thematically and stylistically as far away from the works of Vivian Maier as you can possibly imagine (as seen in the background of the picture above).  
I have put out "Los Angeles Apartments" and "Photographer". These books will certainly not be appreciated by everyone, but if you are open minded, it is definitely worthwhile giving these books a look for a view into how a very interesting and important artist uses photography. Most of the photographs are done several decades ago, but remains fresh.

You'll probably need a hand drip with these books :)