Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here and Now in the shop: Yellow Pacamara -- Expensive?

I just got a few packs of the special and rare Yellow Pacamara bean from Finca Limoncillo, Nicaragua. The Yellow Pacamara is a recent discovered mutation of the red variety. Read all about it in this longish HasBean article:

In the cup you will find notes of peach and apricot wrapped in a creamy mouth-
feel of pineapple and other yellow tropical fruits.

At 179 DKK per 250 gram, you may understandably argue that it is expensive, but compared to what?
It is not more than a bottle of interesting wine will cost you, but the coffee will give you more volume of exquisite quality and last longer after opening; which translate to more joy!!

If you just want to try a taste, I'll serve it by the cup for 45 DKK during the coming week.

This is not a coffee that will be standard inventory, so try it now if you are interested.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seen on the Internet: Rachel Donadio NYT

Just noticed this nice note on Twitter from New York Times, European Culture Correspondent Rachel Donadio @racheldonadio:
I wish there were a cafĂ© in Paris with coffee as excellent as at Forloren Espresso in .

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Seen on the internet

A fine black and white photo of a rustic cappuccino from Forloren Espresso by Katherine Bont

New in the shop: Has Bean Coffee

British micro roaster Has Bean has an excellent reputation of providing delicious roasted beans to some of the worlds best baristas.
In 2011 they roasted for World Barista Championship winner; Alejandro Mendez from El Salvador and this year; three of the WBC 2014 national champions (France, Ireland and UK) are using Has Bean coffee in the finals in Rimini, Italy.
I am very happy to be offering Has Bean as the primary espresso from the end of next week. The espresso arrived just out of the roaster and need a little time to de-gass. I do have some fresh bags on the shelfes if you can't wait and would like to try it out at home.