Monday, April 28, 2014

The Coffee I Serve at Forloren Espresso

I serve coffee from Drop Coffee Roasters (Sweden) and The Coffee Collective (Denmark).

Both micro roasters have received a lot of well deserved positive press in the past year(s).

I serve a variety of Drop's brilliant coffees prepared in Kalita Wave, and will soon also have one on the Espresso menu.

From Coffee Collective, I have chosen Daterra Sweet Collection for espresso due to the amazing way TCC have chosen to roast it; sweet and nutty with low acidity and yet modern and refreshing.
Finally I have chosen their Kieni from Nyeri, Kenya, also brewed in Kalita Wave - one of the most delicious fruity coffees I know.
If you come by on hot day, I can recommend Kieni brewed on ice!

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