Saturday, April 5, 2014

Almost there....

Excuse the mess :) A few days ago Alex Skovgaard (Coffee Solution) connected the NS machine to the BWT RO system, and I can now finally calibrate the machine settings & grinders, and fine tune the workspace layout.
Prior to that, Peter Danker (Jesper Sjøberg VVS) and the BWT guys used the better part of a day to direct the water to the right outlets, which is not as simple as it may sound: Not all water needs to be mineralised, but water right out of the RO is slightly acidic, thus some of the tubing must be made from costly corrosion resistant materials. I also required a redundant system, allowing traditional filtering in case the RO system becomes inoperative.

I have put up a few things on the shelves to see how they look.


  1. Looking forward to taste the result of your hard work :-)

  2. Thanks Erling! Looking forward to seeing you.