Sunday, March 23, 2014

Water in Copenhagen

More than 98% of a cup of black coffee is water. Needless to say, the quality of the water makes a difference.
The water in Copenhagen is not bad tasting, but it is hard and full of minerals with adverse effects on the more refined coffee flavours.
I was happy to find out that BWT recently got an reverse osmosis (RO) system approved for food use in Denmark. It was announced last weekend at FoodExpo in Herning, and I hope to one of the first to have one of these systems up and running.
Reverse Osmosis basically removes all minerals from the water and leaves only H2O - that process is not in itself attractive, as we do need minerals in water for it to taste good - also when infused with tea and coffee.
The water must therefore be re-mineralised - after the RO filtering. This will allow for a high level of control of what types of minerals will end up in the water used for my beverages.