Friday, February 14, 2014

Cardboard Visualisation

I have to place some pretty big machines in the small space of the shop and it is really hard to imagine how I can create a welcoming space; should I face the costumer and have a huge machine separating us, or should I turn my back towards them for the time it takes to produce the beverage?

Today I build some dummy machines in cardboard, just to get the HxWxD feel of the objects.

I am sure you could guess that it is a Mazzer Robur grinder in the middle? ;)
The "tower" to the right is also a grinder. It was the last dummy I made, and I got a little lazy - it is supposed to be this one.


  1. Hi Niels. A friend of mine posted a picture of an espresso machine in NYC that was lowered into the table to avoid exactly that challenge! Just a suggestion!

  2. Lars, Thanks, I see your point. There are many things to consider when designing the workflow and I think I will leave some things to "the way things are" until I know if there are benefits to be had with table modifications etc.
    My machine is not volumetric, thus I will want to keep a close look at how the espresso shot develops. I could fear that if the machine is placed too low, it would result in poor work ergonomics.