Friday, February 28, 2014


(Geek alert)

Niels Winther Hestbech of KaffeMekka delivered an important batch of machinery today (the stuff i tried to visualize in cardboard the other day)
No unpack video, I'm affraid, but a few snaps to share my excitement:

The hot and newly rediscovered classic grinder "EK43" is seriously heavy. The production principles  behind this grinder are as old as the grinder looks; from a time where good stuff was made in Germany, by hand, of metal.  I kid you not: Good lifting technique is required!

Totally bling! Below is a 2 group Nuova Simonelli, the model used for the World Barista Championships. It has an amazing temperature control system: one in the huge steam boiler,  one in each of the boilers dedicated for each group, and even dedicated temperature control of each of the (massive) group heads. The machine allows brewing at different temperatures at each group head.

Can't wait to get the stuff up and running, but hookup awaits the water processing system I am hoping to get really soon.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


...certainly, but it is not easy to see.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cardboard Visualisation

I have to place some pretty big machines in the small space of the shop and it is really hard to imagine how I can create a welcoming space; should I face the costumer and have a huge machine separating us, or should I turn my back towards them for the time it takes to produce the beverage?

Today I build some dummy machines in cardboard, just to get the HxWxD feel of the objects.

I am sure you could guess that it is a Mazzer Robur grinder in the middle? ;)
The "tower" to the right is also a grinder. It was the last dummy I made, and I got a little lazy - it is supposed to be this one.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Yellow Trike

I have always taken pride in not owning a car. As an office worker, it is not so much of a sacrifice when you live in central Copenhagen with easy access to everything and when you have no kids to drop off at the kinder garden. 
With a small business to run, and what seems to be a million things to move around; subway and busses are not as convenient as they once were. 
In an attempt not to have to swallow my pride, I dropped by Christiania yesterday to see if they had a P/BOX bike (trike) in stock. 
They did, but only in yellow. Probably not my first choice, but I grew to like it in 30 seconds.